Complaint Policy

Complaint policy and procedures

In case you have a complaint about any site issues, please send your complaint in writing. If you choose to make your complaint via a phone call, we will record the phone number that your call was received from. We will then proceed to explain to you our understanding of the situation and you can be assured that the issue will be looked at and dealt with as quickly as possible. We can't make any promises of outcome until your complaint has been properly addressed and reviewed. All reported complaints will be reviewed and resolved within seven business days. So we can record your complaint properly, the following is required: Name, Email address, Site joined or site at issue, General Topic of Complaint. Phone number is helpful but not required. Using the facts presented by you (the complainant) we will resolve the issue. We can either cancel the membership or fix the technical issue. Once resolved we will make a note of the resolution and send an email to any and all appropriate parties including the complainant. To make acomplaint, the compalinant can do so by sending it to directly. As a follow up, we will contact the complainant to find out if they are satisfied with how their complaint was handled. We will let them know what we are doing to avoid the problem to happen again in the future. Furthermore, we encourage you to provide feedback and complaints so that you can let us know when there is a problem and give us the opportunity to resolve it.

You can also find useful information on our FAQ page.